front or side door approach

404.2.4.2-4 – Sliding/Folding Doors, Gates, Open Doorways

404.2.4.2 Doorways without Doors or Gates, Sliding Doors, and Folding Doors.
Doorways less than 915 mm (36″) wide without doors or gates, sliding doors, or folding doors shall have maneuvering clearances complying with Table 404.2.4.2.

404.2.4.3 Recessed Doors and Gates.
Maneuvering clearances for forward approach shall be provided when any obstruction within 455 mm (18″) of the latch side of a doorway projects more than 205 mm (8″) beyond the face of the door, measured perpendicular to the face of the door or gate.

404.2.4.4 Floor or Ground Surface.
Floor or ground surface within required maneuvering clearances shall comply with 302. Changes in level are not permitted.