Elevator dimensions

409.4 – Dimensions

409.4 Elevator Cars.

409.4.1 Inside Dimensions of Elevator Cars.
Elevator cars shall provide a clear floor space of 915 mm (36″) minimum by 1220 mm (48″) minimum and shall comply with 305.

409.4.2 Floor Surfaces.
Floor surfaces in elevator cars shall comply with 302 and 303.

409.4.3 Platform to Hoistway Clearance.
The clearance between the car platform and the edge of any landing sill shall be 38 mm (1 1/2″) maximum.

409.4.4 Leveling.
Each car shall automatically stop at a floor landing within a tolerance of 13 mm (1/2″) under rated loading to zero loading conditions.

409.4.5 Illumination Levels.

409.4.6 Car Controls.
Elevator car control buttons shall comply with 409.4.6, 309.3, 309.4, and shall be raised or flush.

409.4.6.1 Size.
Control buttons shall be 19 mm (3/4″) minimum in their smallest dimension.

409.4.6.2 Location.
Control panels shall be on a side wall, 305 mm (12″) minimum from any adjacent wall.

409.4.7 Emergency Communications.

409.4.7.1 Type.
A telephone and emergency signal device shall be provided in the car.

409.4.7.2 Operable Parts.
The telephone and emergency signaling device shall comply with 309.3 and 309.4.

409.4.7.3 Compartment.
If the telephone or device is in a closed compartment, the compartment door hardware shall comply with 309.

409.4.7.4 Cord.
The telephone cord shall be 735 mm (29″) long minimum.