accessible toilet compartments

604.8.2-3 – Ambulatory Accessible Compartments

604.8.2 Ambulatory Accessible Compartments.

604.8.2.1 Size.
Ambulatory accessible compartments shall have a depth of 1525 mm (60″) minimum and a width of 890 mm (35″) minimum and 940 mm (37″) maximum.

604.8.2.2 Doors.
Toilet compartment doors, including door hardware, shall comply with 404, except that if the approach is to the latch side of the compartment door, clearance between the door side of the compartment and any obstruction shall be 1065 mm (42″) minimum.  The door shall be self-closing.  A door pull complying with 404.2.7 shall be placed on both sides of the door near the latch.  Toilet compartment doors shall not swing into the minimum required compartment area.

604.8.2.3 Grab Bars.
Grab bars shall comply with 609.  A side-wall grab bar complying with 604.5.1 shall be provided on both sides of the compartment.

604.8.3 Coat Hooks and Shelves.
Coat hooks shall be located within one of the reach ranges specified in 308.  Shelves shall be located 1015 mm (40″) minimum and 1220 mm (48″) maximum above the finish floor.