assisstive listening systems

706.2-6 – Assistive Listening Systems

706.2 Receiver Jacks.
Receivers required for use with an assistive listening system shall include a 3.2 mm (1/8″) standard mono jack.

706.3 Receiver Hearing-Aid Compatibility.
Receivers required to be hearing-aid compatible shall interface with telecoils in hearing aids through the provision of neckloops.

706.4 Sound Pressure Level.
Assistive listening systems shall be capable of providing a sound pressure level of 110 dB minimum and 118 dB maximum with a dynamic range on the volume control of 50 dB.

706.5 Signal-to-Noise Ratio.
The signal-to-noise ratio for internally generated noise in assistive listening systems shall be 18 dB minimum.

706.6 Peak Clipping Level.
Peak clipping shall not exceed 18 dB of clipping relative to the peaks of speech.