Category Type: Communications

F230 – Two-Way Communication Systems

F230.1 General – Where a two-way communication system is provided to gain admittance to a building or facility or to restricted areas within a building or facility, the system shall comply with 708.

F220 – Automatic Teller Machines and Fare Machines

F220.1 General – Where automatic teller machines or self-service fare vending, collection, or adjustment machines are provided, at least one of each type provided at each location shall comply with 707.  Where bins are provided for envelopes, waste paper, or other purposes, at least one of each type shall comply with 811.

F219 – Assistive Listening Systems

F219.1 General – Assistive listening systems shall be provided in accordance with F219 and shall comply with 706. F219.2 Required Systems – In each assembly area where audible communication is integral to the use of the space, an assistive listening system shall be provided. EXCEPTION: Other than in courtrooms, assistive listening systems shall not be

F217 – Telephones

F217.1 General – Where coin-operated public pay telephones, coinless public pay telephones, public closed-circuit telephones, public courtesy phones, or other types of public telephones are provided, public telephones shall be provided in accordance with F217 for each type of public telephone provided.  For purposes of this section, a bank of telephones shall be considered to

F216 – Signs

F216.1 General – Signs shall be provided in accordance with F216 and shall comply with 703. OBO Clarification: Ensure that appropriate signs are provided for accessible passenger loading zones in addition to accessible car and van parking spaces at all locations where these elements are provided. EXCEPTIONS: 1. Building directories, menus, seat and row designations

F215 – Fire Alarm Systems

F215.1 General – Where fire alarm systems provide audible alarm coverage, alarms shall comply with F215. EXCEPTION: In existing facilities, visible alarms shall not be required except where an existing fire alarm system is upgraded or replaced, or a new fire alarm system is installed. F215.2 Public and Common Use Areas – Alarms in public