This website is a tool to help delineate ABA Accessibility Guidelines (ABA Guidelines) by scope areas specific to the US Department of State’s (DOS) project types and exceptions. It is organized by project type to help each professional target their specific Scoping Requirements. Each project type has its own compliance categories that must be followed.

To facilitate better understanding, graphic representation and text descriptions of each Scoping Requirement is included.

Additional ABA Guidelines can be accessed by clicking on the Full Details or Read Section buttons below each image.


Applicable Building Codes, design practices, and other factors provide the overall guidelines necessary for a space or site such as; parking, means of egress, plumbing fixtures, etc.

ABA Guidelines – specify the elements and spaces provided that must be accessible.

Scoping Requirements – indicate which elements and spaces must be accessible on a site or in a building. They denote each area and their specific requirement. Each category should be reviewed to help facilitate a clear understanding of the ABA Guidelines.


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There are five primary types of Figures including Accessible Routes, Clearances, Communications, Components, and Space Types.  Additionally, each of the Figure types has several sub-categories.  To view the sub-categories click on the + symbol to open the expanded Figure list.

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