Category Type: Components

F229 – Windows

F229.1 General – Where glazed openings are provided in accessible rooms or spaces for operation by occupants, excluding employees, at least one opening shall comply with 309. In accessible rooms or spaces, each glazed opening required by an administrative authority to be operable shall comply with 309. EXCEPTION: 1. Glazed openings in residential dwelling units

F228 – Depositories, Vending Machines, Change Machines, Mail Boxes, and Fuel Dispensers

F228.1 General – Where provided, at least one of each type of depository, vending machine, change machine, and fuel dispenser shall comply with 309. EXCEPTIONS: 1. Fuel dispensers provided for fueling official government vehicles shall not be required to comply with 309. F228.2 Mail Boxes – Where mail boxes are provided in an interior location,