Category Type: Stairs

F206 – Accessible Routes

F206.1 General – Accessible routes shall be provided in accordance with F206 and shall comply with Chapter 4 except that the exemptions at 403.5, 405.5, and 405.8 shall not apply. EXCEPTIONS: 1. Accessible routes shall not be required where outdoor recreation access routes are provided at picnic facilities in accordance with F245.4, viewing areas in

F210 – Stairways

F210.1 General – Interior and exterior stairs that are part of a means of egress shall comply with 504. EXCEPTIONS: 1. In alterations, stairs between levels that are connected by an accessible route shall not be required to comply with 504, except that handrails complying with 505 shall be provided when the stairs are altered.

F207 – Accessible Means of Egress

F207.1 General – Means of egress shall comply with section 1003.2.13 of the International Building Code (2000 edition and 2001 Supplement) or section 1007 of the International Building Code (2003 edition) (incorporated by reference, see “Referenced Standards” in Chapter 1). OBO Clarification: An accessible means of egress from a floor on the accessible level must