Category Type: Swimming Pools

F203 – General Exceptions

F203.1 General – Sites, buildings, facilities, and elements are exempt from these requirements to the extent specified by F203. OBO Clarification: Exceptions are limited to those listed in the guidelines and those listed below when conditions are met. Buildings containing only shops and no office space are not required to be accessible. Buildings containing only mechanical

F242 – Swimming Pools, Wading Pools, and Spas

F242.1 General – Swimming pools, wading pools, and spas shall comply with F242. F242.2 Swimming Pools – At least two accessible means of entry shall be provided for swimming pools.  Accessible means of entry shall be swimming pool lifts complying with 1009.2; sloped entries complying with 1009.3; transfer walls complying with 1009.4; transfer systems complying with 1009.5; and pool