Project Type: Recreational

Recreational projects go under this.

F247- Trails

F247.1 General – Where a trail is designed for use by hikers or pedestrians and directly connects to a trailhead or another trail that substantially meets the requirements in 1017, the trail shall comply with 1017. A trail system may include a series of connecting trails. Only trails that directly connect to a trailhead or

F242 – Swimming Pools, Wading Pools, and Spas

F242.1 General – Swimming pools, wading pools, and spas shall comply with F242. F242.2 Swimming Pools – At least two accessible means of entry shall be provided for swimming pools.  Accessible means of entry shall be swimming pool lifts complying with 1009.2; sloped entries complying with 1009.3; transfer walls complying with 1009.4; transfer systems complying with 1009.5; and pool

F241 – Saunas and Steam Room

F241.1 General – Where provided, saunas and steam rooms shall comply with 612. OBO Clarification: Common use recreational and health facilities must be accessible as well as any ancillary facility such as shower and changing rooms. EXCEPTION: Where saunas or steam rooms are clustered at a single location, no more than 5 percent of the saunas