Project Type: Site/CMPD

This is the Site/CMPD project category.

F209 – Passenger Loading Zones and Bus Stops

F209.1 General – Passenger loading zones shall be provided in accordance with F209. F209.2 Type – Where provided, passenger loading zones shall comply with F209.2. F209.2.1 Passenger Loading Zones – Passenger loading zones, except those required to comply with F209.2.2 and F209.2.3, shall provide at least one passenger loading zone complying with 503 in every

F208 – Parking Spaces

F208.1 General – Where parking spaces are provided, parking spaces shall be provided in accordance with F208. OBO Clarification: The number of accessible parking spaces shall be commensurate with table F208.2. This requirement applies to staff and visitor parking. This requirement does not apply to fleet vehicles, serviced solely by employed drivers, or delivery and

F205 – Operable Parts

F205.1 General – Operable parts on accessible elements, accessible routes, and in accessible rooms and spaces shall comply with 309. OBO Clarification: Devices required to comply shall be mounted with their top edge no higher than 1220 mm above finish floor. Intercom units, security devices such as key pads, wall phones, switches, etc., are all