Project Type: Office

This is the Office project type.

F236 – Exercise Machines and Equipment

F236.1 General – At least one of each type of exercise machine and equipment shall comply with 1004. OBO Clarification: Common use gymnasiums for staff use must be accessible as well as any ancillary facility such as shower and changing rooms.  

F230 – Two-Way Communication Systems

F230.1 General – Where a two-way communication system is provided to gain admittance to a building or facility or to restricted areas within a building or facility, the system shall comply with 708.

F229 – Windows

F229.1 General – Where glazed openings are provided in accessible rooms or spaces for operation by occupants, excluding employees, at least one opening shall comply with 309. In accessible rooms or spaces, each glazed opening required by an administrative authority to be operable shall comply with 309. EXCEPTION: 1. Glazed openings in residential dwelling units