Project Type: Office

This is the Office project type.

F228 – Depositories, Vending Machines, Change Machines, Mail Boxes, and Fuel Dispensers

F228.1 General – Where provided, at least one of each type of depository, vending machine, change machine, and fuel dispenser shall comply with 309. EXCEPTIONS: 1. Fuel dispensers provided for fueling official government vehicles shall not be required to comply with 309. F228.2 Mail Boxes – Where mail boxes are provided in an interior location,

F227 – Sales and Service

F227.1 General – Where provided, checkout aisles, sales counters, service counters, food service lines, queues, and waiting lines shall comply with F227 and 904. F227.2 Check Out Aisles – Where checkout aisles are provided, checkout aisles complying with 904.3 shall be provided in accordance with Table F227.2. Where checkout aisles serve different functions, checkout aisles complying with

F226 – Dining Surface and Work Surfaces

F226.1 General – Where dining surfaces are provided for the consumption of food or drink, at least 5 percent of the seating spaces and standing spaces at the dining surfaces shall comply with 902. In addition, where work surfaces are provided, at least 5 percent shall comply with 902. EXCEPTIONS: 1. Sales counters and service counters

F225 – Storage

F225.1 General – Storage facilities shall comply with F225. F225.2 Storage – Where storage is provided in accessible spaces, at least one of each type shall comply with 811. F225.2.1 Lockers – Where lockers are provided, at least 5 percent, but no fewer than one of each type, shall comply with 811. F225.2.2 Self-Service Shelving – Self-service shelves shall be located

F222 – Dressing, Fitting, and Locker Rooms

F222.1 General – Where dressing rooms, fitting rooms, or locker rooms are provided, at least 5 percent, but no fewer than one, of each type of use in each cluster provided shall comply with 803. OBO Clarification: Dressing and locker rooms may be excepted when they serve a strictly dedicated uses as listed in F213